Yes our clothes are sewn in Greece.

Yes. There are instructions on the label of each product.

Of course. We deliver nationwide and abroad, following a telephone request on your tel. 2310538204 or via mail-e [email protected] the contact form is located in the main menu Contact

Before putting them in the washing machine put in a pillowcase and use special washing liquid for wool. If you wash them by hand and do not squeeze them dry with a towel in a horizontal position.

You can clean them by rubbing a damp cotton towel with ether.

No, let them cool completely and remove any possible moisture from the steam iron have, before arrange in drawers and cupboards.

Put it in an old pillowcase to avoid lint fill the rest of the laundry clothes.

Do not overload the washing machine with clothes first because the clothes worn, secondly not well cleaned and thirdly because very pressured to wringing and creasing resulting in difficulty in ironing.

Along with your use conditioner and cologne, pour a few drops into place softener.